Ok, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted on this blog, and I apologize.  However, I have a good reason.

I had a baby.

It’s not the greatest picture, but that’s ok.  Welcome to our second daughter, gamertag: JoBear.  Born April 20, 7 pounds, 7 oz, 19 and 1/2 inches.

So now we’re the proud parents of two little girls!  I hope to get back to blogging regularly now that I’ve had some time to adjust, but it may be hit or miss for a while.  Will has a bunch of new videos, including some of the Halo Reach beta, that I’ll put up a link to pretty soon.

The Gamerbabies


When Craftiness and Gaming Collide

As time goes on, I think we tend to become more similar to the people we’re married to.  Sometimes we even get caught up in their passions, and they collide with our passions, and something truly weird is born.  In our family, this means my husband’s gaming and my constant need to be making something.

It’s hard to see, because I took the picture with my cell phone, but here’s one of my creations: a cheap, plain tank top with rhinestones ironed on to say “hi n00b,” and then a girly skull iron on underneath.  Not too bad.  She also has a while one that says “I PWN NOOBS.”  More fun with rhinestones and gamer slang is forthcoming, because I now have what I need to make the baby girl we’re expecting in a few weeks a onsie that says “n00b.”  I am so cool.

Observe: further evidence of my coolness.     

I made Will a Halo 3 quilt for Christmas last year.  It took quite a bit of work, but I’m happy with the result.  More importantly, so is he.  In fact, this is without a doubt the most successful present I’ve ever giving anyone… ever.

For this project, I bought a lot of printable fabric iron-on paper for light and dark fabrics (the light is substantially cheaper, hence the white bars on the top and bottom of each picture… I had to put them on white fabric, also the light transfers were much better quality than the dark, which I had to go back and sew on).


There are 20 screenshots here total, all of him or games he played in.  Then I printed out the Halo logo, some art of his gamertag (made by Ironworks crew member Storm Sgt, very nice), and 12 smaller images (mostly medals).  I ironed them all onto their respective pieces of fabric.   Finally, I was able to start all the work that normally goes into quiltmaking. 

Granted, I’m not a real quilter; I just tie mine.  So maybe I’m not as cool as I pretend to be.  That’s ok, though.  He likes it.  So does she.  And I got my 15 minutes of Halo fame when Will sent in pictures and my quilt was featured on both Joystiq and Hawty McBloggy.  Thanks, guys!

Are there any new kinds of projects that you’ve done since being with your significant other?  I’d love to hear about it!

Red Storm vs. 8 Bit Brigade Game Recap

A video recap of Red Storm’s latest match edited by Slick WillyQ.  Enjoy!

Red Storm vs. 8 Bit Brigade

I promise to post soon.  My sister was in town for a while, so that’s my excuse.

And he’s also getting pretty good at Photoshop.  I know I couldn’t have made this from nothing!

Blur: A WillyQ Review

Here’s a video review of Blur, a racing game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, by my husband.

Watch the video!

Also, if actions speak louder than words, you should know that he stayed up until the wee hours playing this game the first night he had it.  So I’m guessing it’s pretty fun.

When the Horde Decends: Gaming Parties at Your House

One part of being in a relationship with a serious gamer is the possibility of gaming/LAN parties occuring in your home.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned about hosting them:

First off, the absolute best way for a non-gaming person to participate in any kind of gaming/LAN party is to send your significant other to someone else’s house.  However, if they insist on having one at your place, here are a few things I’d suggest.

1) In the case of a console gaming party (like Halo or Modern Warfare), some of his buddies are going to have to bring their own TV’s, because if there are more than four of them, they’re going to need to hook up some extra consoles.  I don’t have any experience with a full-blown LAN, but I’m pretty sure those require people to have their own computers.  Your gamer will be aware of this, but it leads me to the point below.

2) Set up restricted areas beforehand, because most of us have certain places in our homes that we’d rather not have a bunch of strange, smelly, and occasionally shady guys.  For me, those private zones include my bedroom and the room my daughters share (or will, when the next one is born).  So, to prevent those areas from being used, I make sure and talk to my husband about where exactly those boys will be playing before they all show up.  If they must be in my bedroom, I make sure it’s my husband and his friends that I know and trust.  Just a personal preference.

3) If possible, get some of the more responsible ones to bring some kind of food/drink item, or they’ll sweep through your house like locusts, and you’ll find your grocery bill has mysteriously doubled.

4) Decide what you’re going to do. 

Option #1, you can stay.  This might be a good option if a)you prefer to keep an eye on things with all those people in your house (which I totally understand), b) you’re relatively new to your relationship and you want to show how chill you are, or that you get along with his friends, or you just want to be with him, c) you’re about to pwn them ALL. 

Option #2 is the one that I’d suggest for a those not about to pwn.  Leave.  Go hang out with your friends, go to lunch, take your kids to the park or a playdate (or drop them off with the grandparents), etc.  Especially if you’re one of those who wants to be with him, because in my experience, he’s just after some guy time.  It’s ok to be apart.

These are the things that I’ve found work for me.  I hope they’re helpful to someone out there.  As always, I’d love to hear tips from you guys!

Speaking of Love…

Ok, so these two have nothing to do with this post, but I always thought they should get together.

A little while ago, I posted about how the gaming industry could get girls to game.  My answer: add some love to the blood and guts and see what happens.

But G4 has compiled a list of games already out there that dabble in the “romantic.”  Check out their Top Five Love Stories in Video Games.  I’ll be honest, it’s not quite what I had in mind.

Ironworks Red Storm vs. Five Guys Recap Video

Another video by Slick WillyQ for your viewing pleasure!  This one is a recap of the match his team (Red Storm) played against Five Guys last week.  Watch and enjoy!

Red Storm vs Five Guys

For the full rundown, check out the Postgame Carnage Report at Ironworks.